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Checking Mezuzahs and Tefillin is brought down in Halacha as an extremely important thing! - We are available for pickup and drop off across North West London and Central London. Contact us today to bring in your Tefillin and Mezuzahs

Mezuzahs are £8 each and Tefillin are £85 a pair.


How often do i need to check my Mezuzot and Tefilin?

Halacha writes twice in seven years​.

Can i Just buy Mezuzahs and Tefillin from anywhere?

No! - they must be purchased from a reliable source!

Does every door need a Mezuzah? What constitutes a door?

Yes! - every door and doorway needs a Mezuzah {except bathrooms}. A Doorway is generally defined by having doorposts and a Lintel, even if there is no door in place. However there are other different circumstances that may require a Mezuzah and we will be happy to assist with all queries.

Do i need to replace my Mezuzahs whilst they are checked?

No! - An aspect of the Mitzvah of Mezuzah is to have them checked regularly to ensure that they are still kosher.

Do you come and take them down/put them back up for me?

Yes we are happy to do so, for an extra £2.50 per Mezuzah we will come remove them all, check them and place them back on within a day or two! - this service is only available within London.

Can a Mezuzah be repaired?

It depends on the problem with the Mezuzah.

Should i take all my Mezuzahs down in one go?

It is perfectly alright to take down all the Mezuzahs and have them checked in one go. If a person feels more comfortable by leaving some up and checked later then this also ok.

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